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cayoz replied to your photoset:I got new tattoos yesterday. And a mouth piercing,…

neat! care to share meaning? if you don’t mind me asking, of course

Triangle: It’s upside down, which represents femininity and the female gender. Most of the meanings come in threes, and the ones associated with it that I hover towards are creator, destroyer and sustainer. 

Elephant: Stability, strength and patience. 

Small things to remind myself of the person I want to become.

oakktree: its the acronym for cranial nerves, you life saving butthead. i googled that shit be my friend.


Hush, this butthead is your +1 to the NoFilter Show! Google was cheating. I’m going to make you learn our cranial nerves on our drive to Chi-Town, mother f*cker! 

Oh yeah, we’re going to nofilter. That’s pretty cool, maybe we’re friends already. IDK. GOOGLE IS NOT CHEATING BTW. why do you make all the rules here? 

also, teach me everything.

lchyeah: Hey so I just got a graphics tablet and I was wondering if you had any tips for someone starting out with digital painting.

I don’t know if I’m exactly qualified to be giving tips, but here we go.

First and foremost: Do not be afraid. I’ve always been a cautious artist. If I doodled something I really liked, I’d never add color to it because, like, what if I messed it up? I didn’t even start using color until about 2 years ago and that was with watercolor, which I was constantly afraid of over watering and my colors blending into something terrible. 

Digital painting gives you the freedom of non destructive creativity. You’re not wasting paper or material, you can have separate layers for EVERY part of your drawing, in case you’re not comfortable with your eraser for some reason.

It also gives you the ability to change up your colors instantly. Do not be afraid of adding colors you normally wouldn’t. (I’m still working on this one myself, especially in skin tones.) Change your colors, change the contrast and the brightness, become familiar with your adjustment layers and how to use your masks. All of this is to your advantage. Just, don’t be afraid. 

As for technical stuff: Before you go downloading some fancy brushes you find on dA, get used to what your program has to offer you. It’s not the brush the matters, it’s how you use it. (it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean…insert penis references) I primarily use a hard circular brush with 9% spacing, for literally everything. It’s not until my picture is nearly complete and blended, do I pull out something with more texture to mix things up.

One of the best things I’ve learned recently was about blending with hard brushes. Got skin that needs blended? Blend it with a hard brush. It doesn’t have to be the hardest brush, but blending with a brush like this shows confidence in what you’re doing, and sometimes you create some happy accidents with the shapes of your shadows. It makes things more interesting to look at. 

I guess the best bit of advice is to just go for it. Get comfortable with your choice of program and the pressure settings on your tablet. Worry less because there is nothing to be cautious about. Just go for it.

Anonymous: if you're trying to lose weight do some research into seaweed I've heard it does wonders

I had multi-green kombucha the other day. Which, from my understanding (which is probably wrong), is like an algae tea. It tasted like ass and for the first time in almost a year of strict vegan diet I was like “Wait, is this what healthy tastes like?”

I will check it out (:

Anonymous: What mediums do you use?

Recently (as in the past many many months) has been all digital, due to lack of funds.

Tablet and photoshop.

Although when I have time I really love watercolor, with that usually comes ink. I love just creating graphite drawings or doodling. I have some little canvas’ waiting to be covered with acrylic. 

Paint and pencil. Although I know nothing about colored pencil and this really bothers me.

allthingshartandhelbig: They will be two hours from me at the Chicago show... and I can't go... I am crying inside...

I promise that there will be more chances for you to see them.




Guess who just bought a ticket to the Chicago NoFilter Show? 


Not done re-blogging this.  It’s time to play “Caption that ‘Kinna”

For example:

"Guess who just made pasta for dinner?"


"Guess who just saved a bunch of money on their car insurance by switching to Geico?"