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Hate when I’m in public and I hear that power ranger beep and I’m like immediately looking around like “whiICH ONE OF YOU IS MY.NEW BEST FRIEND. WHO.”

me while painting: u can eat after you finish ur picture


Yo Buttheads,

My name is Ayla and I really like art. I’m also really bad at doing this. This self promotion stuff. I’m just not very into it but nonetheless, I get asked where this stuff is and maybe one of these posts every now and then isn’t very bad. 

Facebook: Oakktree

Deviant Art: oakktreee


Instagram: @oakk_tree

Like, follow, share, don’t share, do anything you want. Some of you guys send me really cool messages and I love that. I’m just trying to do what I like just like everybody else is and all the support is overwhelmingly wonderful. Even if you don’t like or follow these pages, that’s perfectly fine. Thank you for just being here with me. 

This bar looks a lot like a furniture store.

All I want is for this summer shit to be gone so I can buy a nice sweater


gonna drink and play so much guitar. lets see how much of my bad singing the dog can handle. 

update: the dog heard a noise, then went to investigate. since we’re the only 2 in the house, i assumed she sacrificed herself and then I promptly closed my bedroom door.